Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're Trashy

This is the scene from our driveway on Sunday. Annika is dancing on the pack-n-play mattress to get the water out because I had to scrub and disinfect it. Then, we left it outside for many hours to dry in the heat. Dagny removed her diaper sometime during her nap on Saturday afternoon and smeared feces and urine all over herself and Grammie's pack-n-play, which necessitated the giant clean-up. We also washed Grammie's booster chair and our dog since we were out there. Annika also wanted her picture taken - so that is the next photo. The camera phone seems to take decent pictures, but the color is questionable.

The other two photos are of Dagny and Annika at the park on Monday. In the first, they are wearing the sunglasses they insisted on bringing with them. The same ones that spent the remainder of the park visit in my pocket. Dagny pronounces glasses "yakkies." In the second photo, Dagny put her glasses on her head like mine (Annika's were already in my pocket) and they both smiled - at the SAME TIME!

On Saturday, Doug and I raced in the Georgia Veteran's Triathlon in Cordele, Georgia. Doug's folks had taken their RV down to the park earlier in the week and the girls spent the nights with them while Doug and I stayed in the "villa" at the state park. It was really just a hotel room, but it had a coffee maker and a small fridge so we were thrilled.

I finished in 1 hour, 18 minutes, 13 seconds for 4th place in my age group (out of 17). I was 2nd out of the water in the swim, mid-pack in the bike and 1st in the run (!!) so it was a really good race for me. I missed beating my 5K personal record by only 6 seconds. We will do this race again, because it was very fun and the park was great for the kids.

Here is how my recovery/taper week stacked up:

Sun: Hansgrohe Acworth Race, 400 yard swim, 13 mile bike, 5K run in 1 hr 15 minutes. Great race, I had a blast.

Mon: 3.16 miles at 10:22 pace. Easy.

Tues: off

Wed: 12.18 mile bike at 13.7 mph. Hot, damn hot!

Thurs: 3.04 miles at 10:33 pace. Easy run - was starting to go faster after mile 1, but my tummy disagreed.

Fri: off

Sat: Georgia Veteran's Race, 400 yard swim, 13.6 mile bike, 5K run in 1 hr 18 minutes.

Totals: 800 yards swimming, 38.78 miles biking, 12.4 miles running. I actually probably swam an even 1,000 yards, if you count the warm-ups so I wasn't as big a lazy behind as I thought this week (I forgot that the racing counts in the mileage totals). Doug is trying to convince me to try the Olympic distance race at Callaway Gardens in September. I won't be at all competitive and the swim will be HARD, but I'm considering it. Nat, Jason, Wes - what about you?


Wes said...

Hey Steph! Nice job on the race!! You really rocked that one girl!! You get your bike down and you'll be on the podium for sure.

I am doing West Point and that's pretty much it for me. Dee Dee is going to do Two Bridges, and I'll probably join her, although I'm not training for it.

The Callaway Triathlon is kind of an intermediate distance between a Sprint and an Olympic. It's a great venue for a race. Great for the kids. I think you would enjoy it.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Great job on your second tri, you are really going strong. I love the driveway photo, what better place to do all that washing and drying? Take advantage of the heat, I say. I feel for you with having to clean the pack and play. I have dodged that bullet so far. Emily has managed to remove her diaper once, but it was only wet, thank goodness. Now I make sure she is in a one piece when she naps.

Nat said...

When is Callaway? I doubt I can do it but I want to do another tri.

You did an awesome job! I read you and Doug's reports at BT and I think I want to be on Team B######.

Charlie said...

Great TRI Ms Stephanie!

Very impressive run!...almost a PR and at the end of a TRI..amazing!

Knock that T1 down by a minute and you definately would have placed.