Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Photos and Ironman

Here are photos that Ryan took from our race on Sunday. The first one is the part where we came up the last hill to where Doug and Ryan and the kids were standing before the sprint to the finish line. The second one shows my team Bachman shirt on the sprint.

In lieu of the photo of our race from my camera, which I'm having a hard time getting to my computer, please also enjoy the ones that Wes took here and here. You can see from the first link which clothes to look for in the second one. Nat is pink, Dee Dee is red and I'm blue.

Also, some of you might not know that my friend Jason did an Ironman some time back. I just got around to reading his race report here, and let me just say that Jason is a badassMF. Seriously.


jasonaut said...

Awww! You are sweet! Thanks for noticing! Three years and almost 20 pounds later, sometimes it's hard to believe I ever did that. You made my day.

And by the way, when I did my first sprint triathlon, I had NO INTENTION of doing an Ironman 4 years later... just sayin...

Nat said...

You just look so dang cute in all the pictures!

Wes said...

You made it extra hard on me by putting on the team Bachman shirt! LOL. No wonder I didn't recognize you on the run :-)

You did look like you were having a great time. Have fun this weekend!!