Saturday, August 04, 2007


I apologize to any family exercisers that I offended this morning when I yelled at the guy in the mini-SUV to kiss my butt and called him an asshole after he beeped at me during my bike ride. I should not have said those things out loud. It was rude. I'm going to have to look it up to be certain, but I think that I was legally in the right. I did ride in the middle of (and block) his lane for about 300 yds, but it was my lane too and I couldn't be on the right for him to pass because I was about to turn left and I couldn't be on the centerline because of the oncoming cars that kept veering over the line to pass bikers on their side of the road. Asshole.
I have much to post about from this ride but it will have to wait until I have some free time. Instead, here are photos of my bike (the kick-ass new one that Doug bought me last month) and Doug's bike (that he bought online and put together himself) and my sweet girls enjoying the spinning chair in our office. Guess which bike is Doug's.

This week:

Sunday: 8 mile bike to and from the park with Doug and the girls. Doug pulled the trailer so I can't say that I did much work. And, (1) I couldn't catch Doug getting up the hill out of the neighborhood, and (2) he PASSED ME when we were on the flatter part of the ride. Wow, it's clear what I'll be working on all winter.

Monday: 1200 yd swim - 200 w/up; 2 x 400; 200 c/d

Tuesday: Tri-ed it out for the first time in the afternoon heat. 1 mile bike to pool; transition; 400 yard swim; transition; 11.8 mile bike at 14.4 mph (including dropping backpack back at our house); transition; 3.12 mile run in the flats at 8:59 min/mile. I got many weird looks at the pool and some honking during the ride. It was hot and I felt like ass but I finished in about an hour and a half/hour and 40 mins, whipped.

Wednesday: 1200 yd swim same as Monday - I lacked motivation and imagination this week. I did switch-up the drills for each 100 of the 400s to help me count the laps but I still think I did 50 extra.

Thursday: 4.01 mile run at 9:46 pace around the hood. Started slow and would have sped up, but my tummy seriously disagreed.

Friday: 1400 yd swim. Same as Monday but with 500 yard tests to see if I could do it - no problem.

Saturday: 9.86 mile bike at 15.7 mph; 3.17 mile run at 8:01 min/mile. Nana and Papa had the kids overnight so I took my hung-over self to the river for an easy brick today. It was awesome and I felt great but didn't push hard. Thanks to Doug's advice about the immodium and my Dad's advice about how much to take, no potty stops. : ) Nat, I discovered that the bike path in Martin's Landing keeps going around until it comes back out on Riverside Road. The bike lane ends but the road keeps going. That makes a good loop with some killer hills that will mostly eliminate having to re-cross Riverside or brave the guardrail on Wileo to get enough miles.

Total: 3,800 yards swimming, 23.46 miles biking and 10.3 miles running. I felt horrible all week with the neverending head cold and the tummy bug but finally broke through on Saturday. It felt like I was working hard, but my totals don't agree. Oh well - let the laziness, oops, I mean the TAPER, begin!


Nat said...

I had a rough week too but it is probably just as well since we are now only a week out. Just call it a taper.

How long and how bad are the hills on Martin's road once you get past the pool? I've ridden maybe a 1/4 - 1/2 mile past there and then I get chicken--worried that the hills are going to go on forever--and turn around.
Your bike is nice. I am assuming yours is blue. I'm jealous. I like Dougs too.

Wes said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Kick ass indeed :-) I wouldn't worry about the asshole... LOL. People blow the horn at you for no reason. Cut close to you to scare you. Shoot off boat horns, blah, blah, blah. I've just given up on them. If they want to be assholes let them. As long as I'm safe, I could care less.

Do we have names for the new children, eh? Inquiring mind wanna know!!

Steph Bachman said...

My bike is the yellow one with the red markings. They are actually flowers - maybe when I get faster they will blur and look like fire! : ) Got a new red/black helmet for my birthday so you can wave if you see me.

Wes, is it required to name the bikes?