Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Good Mirror

Have you ever found a mirror that made you look really good? Almost like rose-colored glasses, but in mirror form? In the restroom at my office, there is such a mirror. In this mirror, I am tall (willowy, even) and never have a fat day. Sure, I still feel like I'm having fat days and can still look like an idiot with post-it notes stuck to my shirt or shoes that don't match, but I'm always buff in this mirror. I think that mirrors should be rated in this manner when you buy them. Wouldn't everyone be a lot happier with the skinny and buff mirror? Who wants to have a fat mirror or one with lights that shine on your blemishes?

In other news, I'm not going to do the race at Callaway Gardens. Not only is it the same day as the first Georgia game, it's really far away. And, I don't think I want to swim 1,000 yards in open water. Is that really lame?

Here is a summary of my recovery week this week:

Sun: rest - rode back from Cordele, washed dog and various other items in the yard

Mon: 1,600 yard swim, 800 yards in a row, which was not that hard except that my goggles fogged up. My shoulder issue appears to be not a swimming injury, but a computer issue. I lean into my left shoulder when I'm on the computer and it gets sore. How silly is that?

Tues: 3.13 mile run at 9:40 avg pace. This was to be a 5 miler, but my tummy revolted and I had to go home.

Wed: 6.28 mile run at 9:43 avg pace. I ran at 3pm and it was hot. I'm pleased with the pace, though, during the running portions of my workout (I stopped the clock for drinking and potty).

Thurs: 20 mile bike with the North Atlanta Multisport group at unknown speed, 1.5 mile run at conversational pace. I was going to do a 5K run, but the tummy acted up again.

Fri: Rest. I was up until 12am on Thursday paying the bills so getting up early to swim before work was a no go.

Sat: 7.4 mile run at 10:35 avg pace. This was the first run of my winter half-marathon training. I had planned to do an easy 7-8 miles (whichever) while listening to the end of my murder mystery. My legs/knees were stiff in the beginning but started to feel better after about mile 3. When I turned around at mile 3.5, though, my tummy revolted again and I did the old walk/run to the Starbucks and waited for it to open so that I could use their facilities and buy some water. Boy, did the scones look good! More run/walk on the way home so the combined 10:35 pace is not so bad considering all of the walking. It's weird that in distance training my limiting factor is not overall fitness but always something else (knees, back, tummy) Or maybe that's just a component of the overall, I dunno.

Totals: 1,600 yards of swimming, 20 miles of biking, 18.31 miles running. Not too bad. I hope to be able to add one more bike into the weekly mix during the winter, but we will have to see.


Wes said...

Nope, not lame. Picking and choosing is half the fun :-)

Nat said...

I love the skinny mirrors. Carrie, growing up, use to always say that my bathroom mirror was a skinny mirror. Totally gave me a complex because until that point I thought all mirrors were the same. Which, is definitely not the case.

Emily said...

That is so NOT lame! plus it sounds like you are busting your ass pretty much every day with the exercise thing.
go dawgs!

Mike Maier said...

Our mirror in college was a "skinny mirror" and we were in TOTAL denial about it.
Friends would come over and kind of say "wow, I look really good in this mirror" and my roomies and I would independently, completely stonewall the issue. Wish I still had it these days...
(this I hope you know is kat and not mike)

Steph Bachman said...

I guessed it was Kat because in college Mike was trying SO HARD to get to 200 lbs. He wouldn't have been excited about a thin mirror.

Mike Maier said...

Steph- this is now Mike; that is funny that I was ever straining in that direction; today I'd love to get to 220- from the other side!