Monday, September 03, 2007

Good Looking Folks

So, here are some photos that Doug's Dad took of us at the GA Veterans Triathlon in Cordele. The first two are Doug going out on the run and coming up the hill from the swim. I think he's the one who has already removed his cap. Then, there are our girls with Grammy, who is a champ for bringing them to the race - please note Annika's tutu-riffic race attire. The last one is me running up the hill from the swim. Here is where you can view the "official" photos - Doug is bib #12 and I am #163. I couldn't link to the separate searches. Aren't we beautiful? HA!
In better news, Doug found this cool site that lists the results from a million races. It revealed that I was first of ALL WOMEN in the run. : ) The link is for our race results, but the site is called "Athlinks."
I've finally gotten my Garmin software and our accounting stuff to the new computer, so that leaves only the photos to move over. Maybe next week . . .
Last week:
Sun: 11.89 mile ride at 13.9 mph in the giant thunderstorm. Yes, the same storm in which a high school student on his bike was struck by lightning and killed. Next time I'll check the radar.
Mon: 4.33 miles at the park at 8:40 pace. I got to go to the park and listen to the parade of horribles on the local news on the way home, see above.
Tues: Nanny's car broke and I overslept. No swim, no run, no bike.
Wed: 13.19 mile bike at 14.1 pace. This was my first ride with "clipless pedals" and I only fell once. Luckily, the guy in the car behind me did not run me over and was not laughing so I could hear him. The pace includes the fall, dropping my chain, and the big hill on Eves Rd.
Thurs and Fri: See Tuesday.
Sat: 6.24 mie run at 10.01 pace. This was to be a longer run, but I overslept AGAIN and had only this amount of time to complete my work. Which was fine, because my knees were sore. The pace includes a trip to the potty - didn't stop the clock because I had to know where I was on the ETA.
Totals: 0 swimming, 25.08 miles biking, 13.75 miles running.


Nat said...

Did you drop your chain on Eve's road? The first time I rode up it I dropped my chain.
Congrats on being first! That is awesome. I better start kicking it up or I am going to be chasing you at Silver comet.
What are you going to do about the swim once your pool closes. MT View Aquatic center is close by and you can buy passes by the month. I use to swim there and it is nice. THey also have a master's team that I so want to join but I know I can't swing the money nor the am practices or pm practices. Just FYI. Good seeing you yesterday!

Colin said...

Steph, you're going to get so good at shifting that you'll never drop your chain. Just remember to always shift before you think you'll need to. And I'd like to point out that I have to type in dfuenky as my word verification for this post, which kind of sounds like d-funky if you try to say it.

Wes said...

Great pics! Did anyone not tell you to keep BOTH hands on the wheel ;-)

I put Dee Dee's clipless pedals on last night. She made it a whole three minutes before falling over :-) LOL....

Steph Bachman said...

I THOUGHT I heard my name on Sunday! You should have turned around and come with me. I did the "group ride" loop all by myself. Sunday, I dropped the chain on Coleman. Wed, I dropped it coming out of Martin's Landing. I'm getting much faster at putting it back on, though. Doug has adjusted my deraileur so that it doesn't go SO far out so hopefully that will help.

Colin, we always knew you were d-funky.

Wes, I'm taking another triathlete's advice and always smiling for the photos. At least if I'm going to look nasty, it can be happy and nasty!