Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Respect

Since I ran yesterday, I decided to swim today. More on my new tri-colored glasses later.

Today, however, I have new-found respect for Ironmen (male or female). Jason is the only real live Ironman I know, so he will have to bathe in the sparkly, shiny, glory alone. In case you missed my other post about it, here is the link to his race report again.

Anyway, I put Garmin in a baggie and wore it under my swim cap (pink, so Doug could see me from the porch) and sallied forth into the surf in my battered, semi-transparent workout suit. Counting the hat application and wade from the beach chair that held my stuff, I swam 0.6 miles in 20 minutes. In the pool, this would have taken me less than ten minutes at an easy pace - with plenty of energy to keep going.

I waded out from the beach and swam parallel to the surf in about 4-5 feet of water. I went three condos West and then back and two condos East (so I stayed in Doug's range of sight) before I had to quit because I was EXHAUSTED. The waves were not really a problem - so you bob up and down, big deal. The salt was also not an issue - it just tastes bad. It was actually really cool to see the crabs scuttling on the bottom and the silvery fish darting around. But breathing on the ocean side - was terrifying. The vastness of the water just looming out there, waiting to suck me out . . . whew. That part was scary. And the beach guy was not lying about the current. There is a yellow flag today even though the waves are dinky because of the current. On the way back from the journey east, I was taking 3-4 four strokes to go about a foot and my stroke had deteriorated to a flail. Then I saw a jellyfish and decided I was done.

So, it's no big deal to train for and go 2.4 miles in the pool. But in the ocean . . . whole different world. Another woman swam while we played in the water with the girls this morning and she kicked my ass. Go red cap woman. I'll try again after my long run tomorrow, maybe on Monday.


Wes said...

LOL. You are a much braver woman than I am. Dee Dee asks how anyone can do an Ironman in the ocean. I laugh. The fishees are scared of 2000 humans swimming in the water all at once! Have fun! Great job on the open ocean swim :-)

Nat said...

It IS very hard to swim in the ocean and I totally applaud you for doing it. I am way too scared of the creatures to last a 20 minute swim.

Hope you guys are having a lovely vacay!