Saturday, September 29, 2007

Last Race Tomorrow

Doug and I are racing in the 2 Bridges Sprint tomorrow. It is our last race of the season because the Emerald Pointe race filled up (and we are ridiculously busy this month).

Because I was up until midnight on Wednesday reading my book and then until 11pm on Thursday paying the bills, I took Friday off instead of swimming. Then today, I slept in until 7am! LAZY! We've gone to the soccer game and are preparing for the birthday party this afternoon. I'm getting my ducks in a row for Dagny's party next week. Whew!

This week's workouts:

Sun: 9.19 mile long run at 9:48 pace. I was ready to be done after 7 miles, despite my good book on the i-pod. Good thing I'm skipping the long run next week.

Mon: 4.06 mile run at 9:19 pace. It was hot, damn hot, on Monday but I finished and thought I would be able to bike after fixing my flat tire. No dice. Tire repair took a LONG time and Doug did a mega-brick so he was late coming home and I ran out of time for biking.

Tues: 1,900 yard swim. 2oo w/u, 3 x 500, 200 c/d. This was not hard but if I'm going to go longer than 2,000 yards pre-breakfast, I'm going to have to fuel because I was LOOPY at the end.

Wed: 31.54 mile bike at 15.1 mph avg pace. Doug suggested that I ride up to the bike store to pick up my race packet, so I rode a scenic tour of Roswell before going up to the Roswell Bikes. This was my longest bike ever. I did have a break while going into the bike store, but I didn't count that time. The backpack was not a problem and I didn't even remember it was there - that weightless, even with a thing of wipes in it. I forgot my gel, so I bought a fresh one while I was at the store and refilled my water. : ) Note to all, they have repaved in Waverly Hall and thus the road markings are erased - I got lost, so I saw many cul-de-sacs in there.

Thurs: 4.14 miles in the hood at 9.12 pace. Same run as on Monday, just reversed. Not exciting but I got some miles done.

Fri and Sat: Taper or lazy, you tell me.

Totals: 1,900 yards swimming, 31.54 miles biking, 18.39 miles running. Not as far as I'd planned for the week, but not so bad either. Next week I'll get to 20 miles running. Cross your fingers.

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