Friday, September 21, 2007

Do It Myself

Here are some photos from our trip - Doug's dueling computer and of the beach. Why, you say, are they no pictures of the lovely children? Because we are idiots and kept forgetting our camera. I have some from the phone, but they take 3-4 days to migrate from there to my email where I can upload into the computer. Technology is still beating me.

Dagny learned to "swim" with numerous floatation devices this week. She now loves the floating suit and the arm floats and won't let us help her swim anymore. She says "do it mySELF" and wriggles from our grasp. Annika is a full-fledged swimmer now and refuses to consider any floatation devices. Even in the ocean. Pshew - that can be scary!

Last week's training, as it may be:

Sun: 15.54 mile bike at 15.3 mph, 3.13 mile run in my neighborhood at 8:57 pace.

Mon: 28-ish mike bike with Nat wherein I was almost run over by that Cadillac man. Jerk. Nat is still kicking my bottom.

Tues: nothing - overslept
Wed: 1400 yard swim in lightning fast time because I was late, again.
Thurs: nada - travel day
Fri: 4.9 miles at 8:19 min/mile pace. I meant to do only 4 miles but couldn't find the exit to the park and kept running until I found it.
Sat: 600 yard swim in the ocean as previously posted. Hard.
Totals: 2,000 yards swimming, 43.54 miles biking, 8.03 miles running. The schedule was off this week because of the travel and the moving of the long run to Sunday, which slipped to Monday because of golf and oversleeping again.

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Wes said...

One of my greatest accomplishments was keeping the kids in the pool since they could walk, and even before. Now, they swim like fishees. That's a good thing...