Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fashion Show

Or, why my husband is fabulous. The first three photos are Dagny and Annika trying on the boxful of clothes that Doug bought on e-bay last week. Annika has grown a mile this summer and none of her pants fit any more. So, rather than engage in expensive mall visits, Doug found some good "lots" on e-bay. A "lot" is basically a box full of stuff that you bid on like any other e-bay purchase. Some sellers give you tons of info, some not so much. Some lots are REALLY good (this one was really good) and some, not so much.
Annika was thrilled with the box and tried on every item - it was hard to catch her because she was so fast. She has begun preschool at the new school in the highest style. Dagny could not be left out of the action, so you can see her modeling the dog shirt.

The third photo is Annika and cousin Sarah Anne at the pool on Monday. Sarah Anne won the giant magic wand in the hula hoop contest. Doug was the top male in the limbo contest, I might add.

Can anyone guess what kind of flower is shown in the last photo? Doug planted this in our garden (with the tomatoes) JUST FOR ME. OK, just for me and my Dad. I told you he was awesome.
And, last but not least - when I told him about the speeding ticket that I got today, he wasn't mad. I deserved the ticket, but man I wish the cops would watch for speeders on Wileo Road or Riverside Road where we like to ride bikes instead of near my house.
Yeah, and, Natalie rode bikes with me today on her "off day." She totally kicked my ass and then saved my ass by holding my bike/shoes/car keys/etc. while I ran into the preschool to pick Dagny up from her first day of school.


Nat said...

That Doug is so flexible!

I had a great time riding! I totally want to do it again today but it is off the gym for swimming and speedwork and weights. Maybe next week one day?

And I have no idea what ass kicking you are refering too unless you are talking about all those moster hills that kicked my ass too. Fun ride. It was great to have someone to ride with and a lot less scary than going solo.

Steph Bachman said...

I'd love to go one day next week. I had a blast and we went way further than I would have gone by myself. Next time, I'll bring us some gus.

Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, What a great idea about ebay lots, I will have to see what I can find on there. Love that Doug is so fashion forward with his girls!