Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yesterday was Annika's first soccer game. She took a SportsTyke class a few years back in which they learned different sports skills (including soccer) and has been to one actual soccer practice, but this was her first concrete playing experience.

She was awesome. She chased the ball all OVER the place and even got to kick it several times. Whew! She was whipped. The league plays four 15-minute quarters and by halftime, Annika was tired. We will have to work on building her endurance so that she can do a warm-up and game without falling out. On some of the internet places I frequent, there have been threads by other parents about how ridiculous it is to have gatorade and snack for a game that lasts only an hour. Um, I think that might be wrong. If Annika is as tired and hot every game, I'll be glad to bring her snacks and beverages. But yes - we will start some easy conditioning today. Maybe one lap around the yard or up the neighbors' street, but only if she feels like it. She's very excited about the idea, though, so that is a good sign.

The best part, though, is that Annika didn't cry during the game AT ALL. This is huge.

For me:

Sun: 3.45 mile run at 8:44 pace. I had 30 mins before Doug left for golf so I ran for 30 mins. It was so easy that I forgot to turn my i-pod on until almost home.

Mon: 200 yard aborted swim. Too much wind = too much current for me.

Tues: 8.47 mile run at 10:30 pace. Listened to my Audible book and forgot about pace. Pace schmace.

Wed: rest day after the long run

Thurs: 4.01 miles at 8:12 pace. Was trying to go faster on this run to get into a tempo run groove.

Fri: 1,400 yard swim in the cold cold water. 200 W/U, 2 x 500, 200 C/D. Not my best swim but not bad either.

Sat: 23.68 mile bike at 15.4 pace. Top speed was over 37 mph as I zipped down Magnolia Street to turn right onto North Coleman. I would have been even faster there, but I accidentally hit a bump and caught air and then a car honked at me so I had to turn quickly into the new subdivision to calm down before continuing. I saw the bump before I hit it, so was able to get out of the tuck and take the shock with my legs, but it was shocking - and really fun at the same time.

Totals: 1,600 yards swimming, 23.68 miles biking, 15.93 miles running. Not bad for a vacation week except I thought that the running total would have been higher. This week, I'll be casting about for a new swim solution and investigating seniors swim clubs for my Grammy who moves in with my parents in two weeks.


Wes said...

Hmmmmm. How old is Anika? I loved the smidget program at my son's club. They played 3 vs 3 with no goal keeper. The little guys/gals had a blast! Soccer is a great sport for girls. A lot of money is put into girls soccer to offset the money that goes into football.

You seem to be having quite the adventure on the bike! Stay safe out there!!

Tara said...

Way to go Annika! We should get her and Chase together to play. He just started too and we do water and fruit snack at half time and then a juice and treat at the game end. We have 12 players on the team so there is alot of switching in and out which is good. Does she take breaks? I think I would be tired at the end of a whole hour too!

Colin said...

So catching air on your bike was shocking...but fun? You sound like a mountain biker at heart.

You know, I think adults forget what it's like to be a kid. Sure, they can play all day, but a lot of that they are just standing around or sitting around. When a kid has to run for an hour straight, that's hard! Especially for someone with such little legs. I played soccer for 20 years, so I know Annika's pain. I say give her all the drinks and snacks she wants after a game.

Lissa said...

My sister hit the same bump and had a nasty fall and then her friend fell on top of her. So way to go and stay safe.