Monday, September 10, 2007

Hooray, Drivers!

Yesterday, I rode my bike on the Bike Roswell route that goes near our house. It was an afternoon ride and this route is pretty hilly, so I was the only biker that I saw. Regardless, except for some dicey moments on the road with the 40 mph speed limit, drivers were calm and courteous throughout my ride. The speedy problems were because folks didn't want to wait for me to motor up the hill (though I was sprinting) so they crossed the double-yellow and menaced oncoming traffic instead.

In contrast, the drivers during my run were horrible. I ran in my own neighborhood and got buzzed more than three times in 3 miles. So close that I had to jump up on the grass. Assholes.

This week:

Sun: 16.86 mile bike at 14.7 mph and 3.17 mile run at 8:41 pace. The bike included the giant hill on Eves Road and the endless uphill on Lake Charles, so I'm very pleased with this ride.

Mon: 4.11 mile run in the 'hood at 8:58 pace. I set no speed goal here, so this was a good run.

Tues: 1,600 yard swim. I was going to only do two 400 yd sets, but it wasn't light yet so I added another.

Wed: 23 mile bike at (Nat says) 17mph pace. The first 2/3 was uphill and the last 1/3 we sprinted to get back in time for Dagny's pickup. A lovely ride. Good thing Nat suggested stopping for gu. No more long bikes through snack-time without extra gu - I was tapped out. Even with my electrolyte drink.

Thurs: Had planned to do the brick workout with the North Atlanta Multisport Club, but they had a meeting and I missed their run so I had pizza and beer instead.

Fri: 1,450 yard swim in 40 minutes (including changing clothes and drying off). I swam a 200 yard warm-up, 1,000 yards straight (to see if I could do it) and a 250 cool down. The extra 50 was in case I miscounted somewhere. Except for the lightheadedness caused by low fuel (it was pre-breakfast), this was a great swim. I enjoyed the pace and just going and going and going. The shoulder is better. It still aches, but only when I'm on the computer too long.

Sat: 8.3 mile run at 9:27 pace. This was the long run I was supposed to have had last week. It was hot and I forgot my headphones, but I still had a lovely run. I ditched the shirt and ran in my jog-bra and NO CHAFING! Oddly, some women gave me dirty looks instead of saying "hi" when I met them on the trail. And, I LOVE the running skirt Doug gave me for my birthday. I plan my laundry so that it is clean for all long runs. : )

Totals: 3,050 yards swimming, 39.86 miles biking, 15.58 miles running. This was a good week for me. Doug ran the Peachtree City Triathlon and did awesome on his swim. He got another flat tire, though, and will be taking his bike for an inspection today - he changed his own tire the other two times, but the valve step keeps coming apart so we think it might be a mechanical issue. My bike, as adjusted by Doug, is working much better. I've not dropped the chain since Saturday - WOOO!


Nat said...

I think I dodge near misses with cars more when running than on the bike. Everytime I run I nearly get hit by someone making a right turn. Little known fact but only 1 out of 10 people making a right hand turn actually look to the right before turning. And 7 out of 10 think a stop sign is acutally a yield when making a right. THis is all of course data from my own scientific research.

Wes said...

I find people out in my neck of the woods are very courteous to bikers, except for the rednecks of course, but they aren't courteous to anybody...

I would consider beer and pizza ranked right up there with a group brick :-)

So, whose going to organize our group ride? Hmmmm? I would love to ride Roswell, but I'm not adverse to packing it up to the Silver Comet....

Nat said...

Wes, Can you do Monday's around 9:45am for 2-21/2 hours? Meeting at comet cuts Steph and I's time. We had a great ride today. Though I have to admit the flatness of the comet is very appealing. These hills are killing my quads.

Jarrett Meyer said...

There are no nice drivers where I live, either. My long run route has a stretch of about 3/4 mile along the road. I fear for my life for that distance.

Awesome workouts!

Those shorts are nice. I saw some girls wearing them up here. I thought it was weird to see ladies running in tennis shorts. Now I know better!