Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Here are Annika and cousin Sarah Anne at the soccer pictures last weekend. Dagny and Sarah Anne really were smiling - I just didn't catch it.

Below are photos of the girls playing in the super-cool playground at the Baytowne Wharf section of the Sandestin resort in Florida. This playground rocks so we go to theBaytowne Wharf for dinner every time we go to the beach. There is a video too, but I can't get my computer to read it.

The merchandising is that Annika has just started to notice characters on various items at the store and tell us that she wants them. Sargento has "Shrek" string cheese, for example. I don't mind buying the stuff that I would ordinarily buy if it has a character on it (so long as there is no premium for the character) but I think some stuff is garbage. Dora cereal, for example, is a star that looks suspiciously similar to King Vitamin cereal. It's not horrible cereal, but wow - way to capitalize on Dora. Thank goodness these fall into the "vacation cereal" realm and therefore I don't have the buy them. And, the commercials! Annika wants to buy cereal straws so that she can "sip and then crunch." And just now, she told me that there is a Blues Clues movie about Little Red Riding Hood. It's "exclusively at Target." "You have to get it now." Scary.
In other news, I've learned to change a tire on my bike. As those who are close to me know, I am the master of changing car tires (stupid low-profile tires made sure of that!), but had never done a bike tire. Then, on Monday, I got to learn how instead of doing my fun bike ride. I tried to watch the video on the BT board, but it wouldn't download, so I found this guy on You Tube. He's the vulcan bike wizard. Very cool. After I exploded the first tire (scaring the crap out of the painters next door) and made the "I have a stupid tire question" call to the bike store, I put foot powder on the tube and that helped a lot. Now my tire won't have athlete's foot either.


Wes said...

Shouldn't he have taken off his leather coat to make it at least LOOK hard :-)

What's up with the powder? I don't keep any of that on race day! LOL.

Steph Bachman said...

Vulcan Bike Wizard said that the powder helps lubricate the tube so that it slides around inside the tire. I had read that elsewhere, so I don't think he was making it up and it really did seem to work. He said to use baby powder but foot powder was the only talc-like substance in our house so I used that.

Colin said...

I've worked in at least four bike shops and I've never seen a mechanic wear a leather coat while working. As a matter of fact, I've never seen a bike mechanic wear a leather coat even when s/he wasn't working.

The powder is a good idea for changing the tire; in fact, a lot of tubes have a slight bit of powder on them straight out of the package.