Friday, September 14, 2007


Yesterday we drove to the beach, in the car, for seven hours. Doug drove (bless him) and I read him the triathlon magazines, parts of the Wall Street Journal and sewed buttons onto clothes that have languished in my bag since the last long car trip. We discussed how much mobile WiFi could have added to the car trip.

There was no running, biking or swimming yesterday. And I felt it. Last night when the kids were chasing each other screaming around the condo, I felt it. When we went to the beach bar restaurant and ate delicious french fries in the rain for dinner, I felt it. This morning, when the thunder and lightning were rolling in over the ocean, I felt it. Doug checked the weather and we sat in the dark and watched the clouds; as soon as the thunder cleared, I left. Whew. So much relief I nearly cried.

Jen and Rob arrived last night and we've been to the beach twice already today and anyone with little kids knows that is no small feat. So now Doug and I are dueling laptops on the porch with wine while Dagny sleeps and Annika "rests." For dinner, we will walk to The Back Porch and some hush puppies and margaritas. Vacation is good. Luckily Doug and I both forgot that it is our anniversary today - 11 years. It's nice that we are still on the same page.

Photos whenever my phone feels like sending them along.

Oh, and Miss Christa called to say that Annie has tapeworms.

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Wes said...

Happy anniversary! Have a great time! Mmmmmm... I luv hush puppies...and maragaritas...and sitting on the porch in a thunderstorm... You shoulda taken me with you. OK. Maybe not :-)