Monday, August 06, 2007

Technology v. Steph, Part 2

So, when the lightning hit our house a few months back, our computer was compromised (among assorted other things). The internet card stopped working. This computer was ancient so we thought it might be good to just get a new one since the memory was too full to do anything with it. This week was the back-to-school tax free holiday and computer sale at Sam's Club, so we bought a new computer for CHEEEAP that is way better than the old one. I spent all day yesterday putting it together, registering and hooking it up. I thought it would be a good exercise to keep me technology-savvy. Yeah, not so much fun, though.

After the whole day of computer activity, I've managed to back-up our bookkeeping files, install a printer driver and setup our email. I worked hard to install the bookkeeping programs onto new computer, but no. Windows Vista doesn't have a "run" button like XP so you have to take the CD out and reinsert it for each installation try. And, if you don't have a CD, you are screwed. And, some programs are not compatible with Vista. I'll have to confer with the software vendor to see what the fix for that is! I also failed to backup our old computer files to a CD because there is not enough RAM on the old machine to write them to the CD. It keeps telling me to delete stuff and try again. Whoo hoo. Just wait, though, I'll be a computer whiz before this is over.


Wes said...

Blech! Go get ya a hard drive enclosure and take the hard drive out of the old PC, put it in the enclosure, then plug it into the new one. That will save some time and then you can just copy all that stuff over. Eventually, you can use the old hard drive for backups.

Steph Bachman said...

The new computer has a utility to copy the files straight over, but I'm afraid that I might have a virus on the old computer so I'm trying to segregate the data.

Jarrett Meyer said...

Computers suck. I program for a living, and I still think computers suck.