Wednesday, August 01, 2007

That's The Way

We were the ones with the screaming child at the pool last night. Dagny got tired from all of the filling and dumping of watering cans and the one jump off of the diving board and lost her marbles. She screamed bloody murder as I carried her across the deck to our table, dried and disrobed her until we got to the car. It's interesting how quickly her mood can go from mellow to disaster.

Annika, on the other hand, jumped off of the diving board over and over with no apparent ill effects. Even with the adjusted (some floating pads removed) swim vest, she doesn't ever want to leave.

In other news, I did a nutrition/clothing/transition test of the triathlon distance yesterday (thank you, Doug). I know, I know, it's a short enough race that I ought not need any nutrition but we've been thinking that a couple of Gus or Hammer Gels never hurt anyone and might help avoid energy burnout at the end. All went well despite some odd looks from the other folks at our pool. I'll post about it over the weekend. I may not be speedy but I can finish.


Nat said...

I am always that parent with Beau. I swear it is a 2nd kid thing. I keep thinking at some age embaressment might stop the screaming fits but so far not yet.

I am planning on some nutrition on the bike. I don't really need that stuff when I train but in a race I can push harder if I've got the fuel. I am thinking a gel or something before/while I get on the bike so it will kick in by the run.

Steph Bachman said...

That is my plan also. One gel pre-swim and another on the bike. Plus some electrolyte liquid to drink.