Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feel the Burn

Did you know that you could chafe while SWIMMING?

Yeah, so I did my endurance swim yesterday and didn't notice any problems. I don't love the new suit, but it kept my bottom covered so that is something, anyway. Time passed. I picked up the girls and rode my bike in the beautiful weather (more on that later). We had dinner and I cleaned up. Jumped in the shower with Dagny and OUCH!

I have raw places on both sides of my torso where that suit rubbed my skin off. Almost didn't even wear a bra today but sucked it up for the good of the company.

The good news is that I did 4,500 yards continuously yesterday plus the 500 warm-up. : ) Whoo! The warm-up is not truly necessary because I swim so slowly. It is actually a fog-up because that is about how long it takes for my goggles to fog so I use the break to clean them, put spit inside and get a drink before starting my main set.

While I was lamenting my chafing in the shower, Dagny was counting her shower toys. "One, two animals!" "One, two, animals!" Then she counted to ten (there are four animals). After I explained that you only count each animal one time, she re-counted "seven, eight, nine, ten!" There you go. Who cares if you don't start with one?


Wes said...

4500 yards? Killer!!!

Whoo! The warm-up is not truly necessary because I swim so slowly

You're slow? Hmmmm. I need to ponder this :-)

jasonaut said...

When I first started dating Allison, she always had this hicky on her neck. I didn't ask. Eventually I did.
It's from the swimsuit strap, she said.

I've still got a scar under my arm from one piece tri-suit chafing. Good times.

Sarah said...

Holy nice swim batman! Wow! I'm in awe. And, uh, I don't need a warmup either, all I do is swim the same, slow pace ;)

Charlie said...

Great job on your swim!

Bummer on the chafing! Maybe the swimsuit didn't like doing 4500 so soon...being new and all.

Nat said...

I don't think I've ever chafed from my suit. That is weird.
Great swim tho! What are your thoughts on fueling during a long swim. I feel like I know I will be fine with out ( I think that of a 5k swim as the equiv of a 10-11 mile run-time wise-- and I don't need anything for that.) But I get so dang thristy in the pool!

Anonymous said...

Cleaning your goggles with baby shampoo keeps them from fogging.