Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Things


My internet friend (Sarah) has made a video that you need to watch. She created it to enter the Evotri team contest, but it is inspiring whether you vote on the contest or not. It makes me cry every time I watch. Go and watch it here and follow Sarah's directions to vote for her. I posted this message to both of my mommy group boards, but it didn't seem to work right because my post never appeared on the "recent posts" lists so I'm re-posting here. I just love Sarah's message. She is a great ambassador for getting healthy and also for triathlon. If you are going to vote, go fast because the round one voting ends at midnight.


Doug taught me to do spin-ups this week on the bike trainer. There is a discussion of this biking drill here, but basically they are periods of high revolution riding sprinkled into your trainer ride with the goal of increasing your bike cadence (how fast you pedal). Doug's drill was to do 2 one minute sessions of this per ten minutes of biking. He alternated between increasing the RPMs by 10 (95 rpm in regular riding to 105 rpm during the spin-up) in the same gear and doing it in a gear 2-3 higher. Of course, I did one minute per ten minutes of biking because I misunderstood the directions. Seriously, this phlegm is making me stupid.

Anyway, the spin-ups were fun! Long-term, maybe they will help me get faster on the bike. Short term, they make the trainer ride go much faster, which is always a good thing. We DVR'd NBCs rebroadcast of the Kona race so that is a great thing to watch while on the trainer. Annika liked it too once she understood that no one was going to die. Seriously, this child is morbid.

Note to self - no pepperoni/cheese sandwiches prior to bike rides. It turns spin-ups into spit-ups. Ick.

In other news, Annika has a new chore (which she pronounces "cho"). She and Doug take the dog out for a pee/poo walk after dinner. This is good because if she behaves badly during the day, Annika does not get to do her chore. And, if you are Annika, that is bad. Really, really, bad. So the chore/cho is good. Really, really, good. Nat was right, Nat was right. La, la, la, la, Nat was right.

And, Doug has also started taking Annika for walks at the park while Dagny is taking her nap. She LOOVES the walks and comes home tired enough to sleep at night. Whooo!


Wes said...

There's a book on Amazon called Cycle Workouts in a Binder or something like that for things you can do on the trainer. I want to get it but haven't pulled the trigger yet!

What kind of evil mommy are you teaching kids that chores are fun ;-) ROFL!!! Anika sounds like such a sweetie pie! Woo hoo!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for Sarah!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much :) I actually got a bunch of hits from that board (I wondered why!), so maybe it worked?

Ooh, I want the book Wes talks about!!