Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's a Small World After All

On Sunday, Doug ran in the coolest race. It was the Red Top Rumble - an 11.5 mile trail run at the Red Top Mountain State Park. The girls and I loaded up on snacks and drove up to watch Doug finish. You'd be surprised how much stuff you have to pack for breakfast and snacks on the road.

We found a good place near the finish and watched the front runners come through. While we were waiting, a girl that I graduated high school with came by (we were in the band together, even). We yelled for her and then a guy from law school came by before Doug showed up and we left to hang out with him while he fueled. We drove all over the park before finding the right place, so we got to see several areas of the run. It was awesome - you couldn't even see the trail from the road, just a line of runners looping up and down the tree-covered hills. Doug said the race was really fun and the park looked like a great place to go for a trail run or day hike. Really beautiful. They also have a lodge if you felt like staying longer.

Come to find out, the girl from high school (Maja) was parked next to Doug and her coach is none other than the famous Matt Russ (Paul's coach). Small world, eh? So, Maja has an ironman sticker on her car. She is a realtor and also a 5 time ironman! And also a coach at the Sport Factory (she didn't mention this - I googled). If you are looking for a house in DeKalb or the surrounding areas, or a life or athletic coach, click the links above and she can hook you up! She also introduced me to a bunch of the other Sport Factory folks who did not act like I was an idiot in my jeans with my snack-filled stroller and two rugrats in tow. Doug even snagged a hat in the schwag giveaway which I got to wear on my run today. Score!

I didn't see the law school guy again but he was really fast and so was Maja. Brian specializes in civil litigation and fiduciary law so again, follow the link if you need that kind of lawyer.

Today was my non-office day so I got to run at the park (AND, Doug watched the girls so I could get my long swim in this morning). I just love the trail running. So peaceful. I did two loops for 4.5 miles (forgot to charge Garmin so the mileage is approximate) and could have kept going but cooler heads prevailed and I quit while I was ahead. I can't go injuring myself before the ING race.

At Doug's race, we got flyers for a 1/2 marathon trail run in Conyers - the Granite Grinder. It is the weekend before our first triathlon of the year so we could not sign up. Too bad, because I love the trail runs. Next year, I will be on the lookout for more of them.

In other news, we are madly preparing for Valentine's Day over here. We've finished the cards and are now working on the cookies for the teachers. Dagny's teachers got candy from Starbucks because her party was today and I wasn't ready. You didn't realize that Valentine's Day presents for the teachers were required did you? It's competitive in the preschool. Those other moms will make you look like a jerk in a flat minute in you don't think ahead!

And, we had to do teacher appreciation day cards this week at school for the kids to present to their teachers in the morning of the big day. Annika did her own and wrote "i lav y" on it. Her teacher read it and said "did you write 'I Love You'" on my card? I know I love her just for knowing what Annika meant. Wait until she sees her Valentine's Card, labeled: "MES BACE." That's "Ms Betsy" to you without young kids.


Wes said...

Yea, I had looked at that one, but I just wasn't all that excited about racing in the COOOOOOOLD :-) Red Top Mountain is fun to cycle through too, probably less so than hitting the trails...

Congrats to Doug on a well run race. Very cool you got to see some old friends.

Does this mean you'll be doing trail Ultras soon? :-)

Nat said...

Go Doug! I may have to look into that conyers race. . .

BTW I am laughing that you stalked your HS/Law school buds.

Sorry I didn't meet you today. I was getting stuff packed for our trip and didn't get it together to run until later today.
Hopefully long run for me tomorrow.