Thursday, February 21, 2008

Roll With It

It was a beautiful day yesterday. While the girls were in school, I swam, ran two errands and had an abbreviated run. The run would have been fine except that I was starving after the swim and ate my lunch (PB&J) in the car while doing errand #1. PB&J, apple slices and an orange slice is too much to eat before a run. GI issues ensued. SIGH.

Anyway, Doug and I had planned for me to ride my bike in the afternoon. I picked up the girls, ran errand #3 and came home. We did the post-school recovery drill (emptying of bags and lunchboxes, loading of dishwasher) and colored until Dagny lost her marbles and went down for her nap. We also had an impromptu discussion of postage when Dagny found some stamps and stuck them all over her teddy and herself because she thought they were stickers. Annika wanted to do a little run with me so we changed our clothes and were on our way outside when Doug got home.

Now, the original plan was for Doug to get home at 3 and I would leave for my bike ride immediately. I even called Nat to see if she could go. However, we ran late, Doug got home early and Annika got it in her mind that she and I would ride together. She was so excited. How could I deny her?

So, my bike ride was abandoned. I ran/walked with Annika on her bike up the hills to my parents' house (they were not home) for water and then ran home (Annika is faster on the downhill). Next time, I think the Greenway would be a better venue because I had to push her most of the way up the hills. She kept pedaling the whole time, but I still had to add some force to keep her moving. We saw vultures and a very dead possum. The possum was a good lesson on why you need to keep to the side of the road and listen when Mommy is telling you to move to the side. Whew. Watching your kid on a bike is not necessarily a physical workout, but it sure is a mental one.

Annika was very envious when I told her that Chase could ride a bike without training wheels. Maybe that will be our spring project. . . after we get the Christmas decorations down.


Wes said...

Maybe that will be our spring project. . . after we get the Christmas decorations down.

LOL! Starting my morning off with a smile :-) What a great Mom, you are! Sacrificing your bike workout so Annika could get her cycling session in!!

Nat said...

Give me a call if you want to go to the Greenway one afternoon. You can run with Dags in the jogger and I can stick with the kids and jog/walk with them as a late day recovery run.

Tara said...

Way to go Annika for keeping up with you! The Greenway is perfect for a bike with Annika while you run. Chase is still on 4 wheels for things like that. lol at the decorations!

Charlie said...

Ms Stephanie, It's great when your children show interest in what you love to makes it that much more enjoyable!


Dorothy Gould said...

I have often thought that very same thing about stamps, and have caught mine just in time several times...expensive stickers, no?

Glad you switched gears and let Annika ride with you while you "ran", I can only imagine the mental workout that gave you!