Tuesday, February 05, 2008

King of Wishful Thinking

In case you were wondering why folks who work in an office have such a hard time not gaining weight (with the obvious exception of sitting on our butts all day), here is a photo of one example:

We had king cakes in the office today. It's Mardi Gras, don't you know!!
I tested both and have to say that the one on the right was more my style. I don't know what king cake is "supposed" to taste like, but this one was yeasty and crumbly and only a little sweet. It was from Gabriel's Desserts in Marietta. My friend who brought it said that the Italian Cream Cake is even better. I don't know how you could top this, though. Mmm, delicious. The one on the left was not bad either. It had a more cinnamon roll-y texture, but was definitely prettier with more bling. Icing lovers would prefer the left one.
In all fairness, I have to confess that I brought more than my fair share of baked goods to the office before I had kids. I used to bake to calm myself before tennis matches and would bring the results to the office. Every week. Now, no time for such behavior!
In other news, while Dagny and I ate dinner last night, I browsed the foodie blog links from Anna's blog. I found one lady that makes some really cool stuff. Her blog is called "Not as Good as Pork Cracklins" (how could you not check that one out!) and not only can she make perfect loaves of bread, she is also a 5-time Ironman. And, she finished Ironman Coeur d'Alene with a broken finger last year. Tough as nails!
Both girls are home sick again today. Annika had a fever and felt rotten and Dagny's tummy was . . . unsettled. She may have drunk some old milk, though, so I'm not willing to say she's really sick. Before you freak out, please let me explain that sometimes Dagny hides her milks in the cabinets. We couldn't find her milk before retiring to bed last night, so I just made her a fresh one. But the old one is sitting on the little table right now. Ooops.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, I remember well the days of baking for the office folks. I hear you about the milk, I caught Michael with one this morning, and when I opened the lid, it was slushy....my stomach turned just smelling it. What doesn't kill them will make them stronger, I keep telling myself that.

Wes said...

That's the kind of athlete I can appreciate! A great cook and an Ironmom :-) Yea, we were always finding bottles and cups in all kinds of places with the boys. More often then not, they were tossed there by the little trouble maker, only to remain hidden for weeks and months. We raised some interesting cultures :-)