Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Love to Ride My Bicycle

Sunday's high was predicted in the 60s. PERFECT biking weather. After Doug's race (more on that later) and lunch, I donned my gear and got ready to go. Doug pumped up the tires for me since the crappy bike tubes I bought have smooth nozzles so it takes two of me to pump them up. Note to all - don't let the bike shop people sell you the smooth nozzles. Take them out and look. I thought all tubes were the same, but it makes a difference.

When Doug came back in from the tires and I came downstairs, he said "you might want pants" so I reluctantly ran back upstairs and got some. Couldn't find the running tights to I put the capilene long underwear on over my bike shorts. What a looker!

Anyway, off I went. I rode out of the neighborhood (the most challenging part of any ride) and down to the river. It was a beautiful day and I was doing very well until the wind hit me. It blew me out of my lane and into the next one - I was a sail! Since there were three lanes at this point in my ride, this was not a big deal. I wanted to go to the left lane so I could turn, but figured it would be OK to just turn right and then turn around to get to my road. Some jerk in a gold/beige Honda Accord buzzed me here. He had two other lanes to use, but had to use mine. SIGH.

After about 45 minutes, I decided to eat something. I'm working on my nutrition for the race this fall, don't you know. I ate this bar and it was very tasty, in the way that rum balls are tasty. A bit thick, though, and I think I should have cut it in half or drank more water with it because it threatened to revisit me about 30 minutes later. Note to Clif, walnuts have peels that get stuck in your teeth. I finished the flat part of the ride after being passed only once and began the long climb out from the river. It was so hard. My legs felt like lead and I couldn't get any speed up. My plan had been to practice my aero position while in the bike lanes but it was just too windy. I had to let a nice guy in a blue pearl izumi shirt pass me at a light because I was toasted by the time I got done with the bike lanes. I decided to eat again as I followed the blue guy up the hill. Gu's Christmas flavor (Mint Chocolate) is really good. Mmmm. It stayed down fine. Maybe the other was just too dense.

My original plan had been to take a nearby neighborhood loop if I got back home early. I even wrote that in my note to Doug. However, wind = slow. I finished my ride almost exactly at the two hour mark (which was all of the time I had because of the internet vacation research I did before leaving). It was a lovely day and I was filled with endorphins from watching Doug's run and my nice bike. How great is that? A ride in February. Who gets to ride in February?

Wind, schmind. Just gave me a better workout.


Wes said...

Yes! It was definitely a beautiful day Sunday, but windy. You got to be alert so you don't get blown in to traffic. That's scary! I like the Cherry Walnut Clif Bars myself :-)

Nice ride, chica! Where's our tale of Doug's race?

Mike Maier said...

People that live in the south get to ride in february. Or my crazy friend in AK:

Charlie said...


I guess everyone up and down the coast got some good weather as well as all that wind! It was challenging just running in it, I can imagine it could be a whole lot more work way up on a bike.

Good Job!

Nat said...

Missed you today on the ride. I quit about an hour in --probably only 13 miles. I decided I was done (cold) and I racked my bike and my tire blew. No reason. Totally flat. Weird.

Guess it is good I quit when I did.