Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Here is yet another opportunity for you to laugh at me instead of with me.

However, if you are squeamish, you might want to leave now and come back tomorrow.

- - - - - - -

OK, wussies gone?

Here is the story.

For dinner last night, we had hamburgers and fries. I had gone to work early because of the rain and came home early so I could get my run in. My sweet Doug found some delicious plain curly fries in the freezer dept that bake nicely in the oven. He grilled burgers, and added cheese and bacon. He seasoned the fries with Lawry's Seasoning Salt. Yum. They were very good and the burgers were heavenly. Mmmm, beefy goodness.

Because he knows that I prefer crispy fries, Doug cooked the fries longer than usual. This caused the fry that fell on the floor of the oven to ignite and we had to open the doors and fan out the smoke. Ooops.

Anyway, the girls ate well and so did Doug and I. We cleaned those fries right up. I even ate the crunchy crumbs that fell off of the fries after dipping them in the extra salt on the plate. After a run, I crave salt.

While I was looking at the plate, though, I noticed some odd brown spices mixed into the salt. Hmmm. Those were weird. Maybe they were uncrunched peppercorns?

Then, one started moving.

This is what I thought they were. I've edited to add that further research indicates that these are more likely. Cigarette beetles - they like paprika. That salt went in the trash and now I have to examine the other spices and bread crumbs and what-all in the pantry to make sure that that was the only hiding place. Admittedly, the salt was probably well past its sell-by date (like 5 years past) but we know from my past pantry incident that these beetle eggs just come in the food (especially corn and spices) and eventually hatch if conditions are right. Bleaching of flour and spices and storing them in the freezer "neutralizes" the eggs, but doing that also make stuff tasteless. So, there you go.

Watch out for the moving peppercorns.

Doug was so grossed out that he nearly got sick, but I thought the whole thing was funny. Just can't think too much about licking tiny dead bugs off of my fingers with the salty fries.

In other news, I got to do a 7 mile trail run today, which was lovely. Our city is good with the parks. Now we are preparing to shower and go to Annika's basketball game. Cross your fingers for her.


Charlie said...

Oh My!

I've eaten lots of bugs running, biking...Even some on purpose! ;-)


Nat said...

Ew you ate bugs. You are so tough.
I was at leita yesterday for 7 too. Sorry I missed you. I was probably there later than you. It was a great day.