Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Not Crafty and I've Got a Gripe

Preschool requires homework. Really.

Monday morning, while I was checking my email, I read the reminder from Dagny's teacher and remembered that I was supposed to have covered a shoebox with paper for school - in addition to putting Dagny in her pajamas with her bear for her pajama picnic and Annika in her spirit shirt because it was early release. And, don't forget that I had to return the book of decorated foot shapes (homework from last month) from the whole class and their families.

Here is the result:

I suck at crafts. And interior design. And all decorative arts. So this was not a bad result, if I do say so myself.

However, it was very depressing on Sunday to drop off the food for the new moms in my life only to find their magazine-photo-shoot-perfect homes in complete, beautiful order (even the fridge!). No messes, no disarray, everything complimentary without matching, etc. Made me feel inadequate with my messy, non-matching, laundry not done, holiday decorations still up house.

I was down.

But, then when I got to school to pick the girls up, Dagny's class was having a parade with their boxes and stuffed animals. They pulled them along the ground with the strings. It was adorable.

Then, I got to ride my bike. OUTSIDE! I even wore sunblock. Craziness. I felt much better and happier after my ride. Seems I was just low on endorphins. In fueling news, I ate a Larabar before my swim and that went, well - swimmingly. HA! And for the bike, I ate a Powerbar gel and a mint-chocolate GU. I was worried that I might like the powerbar gel better than the GU, but that problem was solved when I ate it. Ugh! Mint chocolate is my friend. I always thought the choclate GUs would be gross, but I love them.

Here is a photo from this morning. The girls wanted to play in the snow flurries. I made them wear gloves and pose for a photo. My Grammy made the pink mittens for me when I was a kid. In a minute, I'll see if I can add the action shots of them doing laps around the car because I was trying to get them into our car by saying "OK, do two laps and then we have to go!"


Wes said...

You KNOW those picture perfect home Moms spent the entire week getting their house ready for company :-)

Dorothy Gould said...

Did you say they were new moms with perfect homes, as in, they had their first newborn and their houses were still clean, uncluttered, decorated, etc?? Damn! If you want to feel better, just stop by at any time. We can feed a family of four with what is on the kitchen floor, plus my decor is "early kids"'ll feel right at home!

Nat said...

I don't know if you know this or not but there isn't an award for the cleaniest, tidiest, bestest decorated house of all. So who cares. BUT there are overall and age group awards at races and triathlons. Remember priorites! House to impress other suburban women or cute tight ass to impress husband and other suburban men????
Hmm, you are right. It is a tough call.

Be grateful now for the preschool homework. It is so much worse in kindergraten. First grade is better though, you get to do research. I'm guessing as a lawyer you might like research. We are doing a report/project on Georgia O'Keffee this week.
Craft stuff sucks. Especially those that involve a glue gun.

Anonymous said...

You haven't lived until your 3rd grader comes home with a wooden clothespin and you're supposed to decorate as one of your ancestors. because everyone knows that 8 yr old boys are really good at that sort of thing... Here's the dirty trick - find a store that sells scrapbooking stuff and all of the tiny outfits fit perfiectly on a clothespin. Who thinks of these projects anyway!? dor's sister mary

Charlie said...

Ms Stephanie...Have a great race tomorrow!

Colin said...

Mint-chocolate GU? I must find some of that.

And I agree with Nat. If I were you, I'd just put a couple of pics on the walls of y'all competing in races...your house will be way cooler than anyone else's then.