Saturday, March 01, 2008

Back in the High Life

We had a marvelous evening planned for yesterday. It was Virginia's 9th birthday (leap year baby - she is actually 36) and we were going to drop the girls off at Nana/Papa's house for a sleepover and run the Chattahoochee Road Runner's 10K race this morning. Then, the plan was to go to Sarah Anne's birthday party at lunchtime and then to Pete and Sara's house for homemade lasagna dinner.

Alas, the plan was foiled.

Dagny had a fever on Thursday but nothing to worry about. When I got home yesterday, Doug said that her fever was 105 degrees. With the ear thermometer.

Holy cow.

Party plans and the shower gel that had spilled all over the back of my car were forgotten. We dosed her with Tylenol and held her while waiting on hold for the doc's office to answer the phone. Then Katie called and I had to hang up. Luckily, the fever started to come down (to only 102) while I talked to Katie. However, while Dagny's fever was coming down, Annika's complaints about her ear intensified to the point of crying.

So, I loaded Annika in the car after Doug triaged the soapy mess and took her to the minute clinic at CVS. Ear infection. This is not a surprise since she's had a cold/cough for a week. We are still medicating Dagny with tylenol and motrin, but she is completely OK when her fever is down. I'm guessing roseola.

Doug took Dagny and went to pick up chinese food. We met back at home 45 minutes later to share the takeout goodness and start Annika's antibiotics. The food was awesome - click here for other reviews. We know the owner and he is a nice guy, too!

Doug decided to take one for the team and sit out the race so I could run. Instead, he's out doing his long run now in the beautiful sunshine. Annika is feeling better and is at the birthday party. I'm having leftover singapore vermicelli noodles and listening to Dagny watching Oswald. I had a blast running the race with (behind) Natalie, and Doug used the results to figure out my approximate LT. I'll post a report on that once the official results are posted and I've collected Annika from her party, but the upshot is that things are looking up today (that's a 5*8 song, in case you were wondering - almost used that for the title but I enjoyed my High Life so much last weekend that I used that instead). Champagne of beers, indeed.

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Charlie said...

Congratulations Ms Stephanie! Ms Natalie and you finished 1 & 2 in your age group! YooHooo!

I hope little Dagny is feeling better!