Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pick Your Poison

At long last, I'm IN!

I've been trying to get on Team 65 Roses since we talked about doing the ING race this year. Unfortunately, I registered for the race with Active instead of the team. So, today, FINALLY, someone responded to all of my pestering and I'm in.

So, now when you go to Team 65 Roses to do your donation (I already did mine), you can put Doug's name in or mine. Apparently I was wrong and they do keep track of how much each athlete raises, but there is no minimum. We will see who is the better fund-raiser, but I think Doug has an advantage since I posted his plea here, and on both of my mom's boards and only sent mine out in an email. I'm crossing my fingers, though.

In other news, Annika has her first official after-school playdate today. We discussed more than three times the need for her best behavior and listening and following directions. I'm crossing my fingers for this too.

And, so that it doesn't get lost - go over to the Becoming Ironman blog because XT4's post is beautiful today. I'm repeating this in case it gets lost because I've posted twice today. And that never happens.

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