Monday, March 03, 2008

The Wonder of Running

Taking down the Christmas lights gives you a lot of time to think. So, the thought that I just couldn't get out of my head as I wound the strands around my arm on Saturday was this -

"Can you believe that fat-ass Steph just ran six miles at a 7 minute pace? Boy do I ever owe Ty Robinson an apology!"

Ty Robinson was the kid in my 4th grade class who beat everyone in the President's Physical Fitness Test with a 7 minute mile. I barely finished my mile in 14-16 minutes that day and it hurt like heck, I tell you! I remember giving Ty a hard time because his dad was a runner and he was a fool for running when no one was chasing him. I just wonder if the gym teachers were dismayed at the pathetic shape we were all in (except for Ty, obviously).

My fitness did not improve until after the 40 lb weight gain from 7th-8th grade and Kim Thompson's comment about my fat ass. Yeah, the kid I "went with" in 7th grade did call me Fat Albert upon the inevitable break-up but it was Kim's comment that stung. We had been friends since kindergarden. I was even present for her first kiss in the exploratories hall one afternoon. She didn't mean anything by it - it was an offhand remark to a mutual friend about something that was clear for all to see but it was a wake-up call for me.

I started walking the summer after 8th grade. I walked all over our neighborhood - until I was sore, even. Granted, I had ulterior motives because the boy I liked lived only about a mile away, but somthing changed. We moved at the end of the summer and school started and I made sure I was in some kind of activity (band, tennis, swimming) every season so that I had to move. Even in college. And that is how I escaped the fat Steph. She comes back, sometimes, and I have to outrun her but I can do it now. She can't do 7 minute miles : )

So, Ty Robinson, I'm sorry I gave you a hard time. You were right.

In other news, Dagny's fever seems to have broken (finally!). She was still up 4 times last night but never with the glowing-heat of the fever. Pshew! We are going to the doctor today, to have them listen to her chest because her cough sounds really scary.

And, we took the ride-along for a successful test drive at the river yesterday. Doug (with his superior balance and grace) took Annika with that while I towed Dagny in the trailer. It was really fun and now we know that we can risk a longer ride at the Silver Comet. Whoo! Thank you to my boss for giving us this marvelous toy.

The title is from the Innocence Mission's song "The Wonder of Birds." I still love that song.


Wes said...

Can you believe that fat-ass Steph just ran six miles at a 7 minute pace?

Having not seen your younger years, I find this hard to believe :-) I'll take your word for it!

Matthew has an upper respitory infection with lots of coughing and nose nastiness. Seems to have given him pink eye in both eyes too. Yuk!!

Nat said...

Wes--I've known Steph since freshman year at UGA and I've never seen the fat Steph either but ah, I've been the fat Nat so it could have been. And Steph has seen the fat Nat.
Steph- I am so impressed at how much stronger you are this year than last year. You are going to kick my arse at tri's and that swim this summer. And hey, that's okay.