Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm a Loser, Baby

Yesterday, I fell down on my exercising and laid a big fat goose egg for the Challenge.

I have any number of excuses, but the fact remains that I chose to abandon the search for the yoga DVD and get in bed after we put the girls down at 8pm. I felt the heavy mantle of guilt, especially since I promised to fight Paul for the 10th place spot and Wes got up at 11pm on Monday to get his 30 minutes in. I did get up once, but only to remove the soccer beverages from my car and stow them in the fridge in preparation for being the snack mom at soccer today. Then, I fell immediately to sleep because today is a big day.

It's 8:30am. I've run 12 miles, made oatmeal, fed myself and the girls, filled goodie bags for Annika's party, checked the RSVP list twice and arranged my sister's visit this morning. All that remains now is to hit the Publix to pick up the cake and ice and get us all dressed. Thankfully, this morning's rain has cancelled Annika's soccer practice and game so I don't have to leave the house ten minutes ago like I thought I would.

Which is good, because I am back in my pajamas. Now there will be time to shower!

Name, days in current streak/goose eggs in 2008
Steph Bachman, 0/4


Sarah said...

Nice job on the run!! Great weather today, huh? Hopefully it'll get better.

Have an awesome day and a great party, cake. mmmmmmm

Nat said...

Eh. It happens. Hey at least you ran 12 miles! I am still streaking but I have bailed on every single one of my runs this week. Trying to rally myself this morning to get a decent run in.

Wes said...

I believe the goose eggs are inevitable. Just trying to maximize our streak and limit the total number of goose eggs...

Nice job on the run!!! Get in the basement and enjoy the rest of your day in your PJs :-)

Charlie said...

Hey Ms Stephanie!

I don't see any loser...A busy Mom and Wife yes but definately not a loser! A shout out and a great bit of admiration to all you Working Moms!

Great job on your 12 miler!

Happy Birthday Annika!