Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Don't Worry - Be Happy

The UPS store near us has a slogan (which does not appear to be on the internet) that says "Don't worry, we'll take care of it." Please allow me to tell you again that I LOOOVE our UPS store. Today I hot-footed it from my swim to Target to get the present for my cousin's wedding shower (on Saturday), picked up the girls and then dashed to the UPS store to ship the present. I had purchased a box at Target, which I picked out by assembling all of the boxes in the packing aisle and testing to see if the gifts fit in them. The girls and I packed the gift and wrote the card in the car and were ready to go once we got to the UPS store. We had an appointment to meet my Grammy, you see, to try on the bodice of Annika's dress, so we needed to hurry to make it on time.

I clunked my box on the counter while the girls headed straight for the stash of toys they keep to occupy youngsters while their parents are shipping things. "Oh, no" I thought, "the guy isn't here." The guy is the man who owns the store. He is very tall and solves every problem I bring to him. He is the fairy godmother of shipping.


The Pyrex loaf pans were banging against each other in my very carefully packed box. Crap.

"Is there glass in there?" the UPS lady asked, in a matter-of-fact tone while she gave me the eye. She was not looking very friendly. I started to get nervous.

"Um, yes. Just these two pans, but I've got the dishtowels folded between them. Do you think they need more cushioning?" (Pursing lips and wrinkling brow)

"If they are glass, they need bubble wrap." "And this box is way too small." "You need one two times this size." I'm was frowning and envisioning how we are going to repack and not wanting to do it. But, there was no arguing with this woman. She didn't want the pans to get broken.

"OK," I sighed and bit my lip as I fought the idea that the shipping would cost more than the present itself.

So the woman took my stuff in my box and bubble-wrapped those pans like they were going to the moon. Seriously - one was as big as the whole box I'd wrapped everything in before. Then, she packed them with the other stuff (all supplies to make the recipe that I was required to send with the present - pretty good idea, eh?) in a gigantic box, which she taped on all sides and filled with packing stuff. For $6. Including the cost of the box. And shipping wasn't that much - even though I had waited until the last possible moment to send the gift to get there the day before the shower.

So, don't worry. My UPS store will take care of it. Even if the guy isn't there and you are a dumbass and wait until three days before the shower and pack incorrectly in a too-small box.

I don't know if the recipe/supplies thing was what we were supposed to do or not. The instructions just said to send or bring a recipe. But, I remember when Doug and I were in college and first married and how I'd have to buy a pan or some other piece of cooking equipment every time I tried to make a new recipe. We even used a Waffle House cup as a measuring cup because someone (Mike, I think) told us it was 8 ounces. So, after I wrote my recipe this morning, I thought I would just include stuff from the registry that my cousin would need to make that recipe. I think I covered all of the bases except for a liquid measure and cooling racks. : ) Hopefully someone else will take care of the liquid measure. Jen, Emily?

And, by the way - did you know that Target's registry prints out with the aisle numbers on the page next to each item? How cool is that?

In other news, I know I can do my swim! For the 5K swim in June, I've been increasing the distance of my long swim by 500 yards every 2 weeks. I don't know how you are supposed to train for a swim of this distance, so I've been trying to do a long swim every week just like my long run. Then, the other days, I do a recovery swim or drills just like I would if I were running. So today my long swim was 5,500 yards, which is just slightly over 5k (5,468.066 yards, according to the internet). I did it! I know that the pool is way easier than the open water and I could easily have miscounted because 220 laps is a lot of counting and I get loopy when exercising that long but wow, that is a big hurdle. Now, to get faster. . .


Nat said...

just tell me how long that took you so I can practice for time and not count laps because I get lost after I get to 6.

Charlie said...

Ms Stephanie...Great job on your 5500! That 5K swim is yours!


Dorothy Gould said...

Great swim, Steph! Love the shower gift, that was a clever idea. And I too think my UPS store rocks, and I too have that special someone there who knows exactly what I need. And the toys? My kids could play there forever...if only I could leave them there and run some other errands....

Wes said...

I'll be happy if I get up into the 4K range. This isn't a speed contest is it ;-) I don't wanna go fast. Off to make a donation for Dougy :-)