Saturday, March 29, 2008

All Geeked Up!

Doug and I have dropped off the girls, been to the expo, we've got the bibs and have set out the outfits. Ready to GO!

If anyone wants to meet me post-race, I'll be at the southeast corner of Thurmond Street and Marietta Street (or as close as possible to that on Marietta St) cheering for all of the other finishers and waiting for Doug to finish the marathon. I'll be wearing the Team 65 Roses shirt (grey with red rose), hot pink running skirt, and light pink visor.

I'm bib #12056 and Doug is bib #819 if you want to track us. Here is the link:

Have a great race, everyone!


Wes said...

Go Steph! You guys have a great race!! Woo hoo!!!!!

Charlie said...

You and Doug have a Great Race!

Hopefully the weather cooperates!

Dorothy Gould said...

Good luck Steph and Doug! Looking forward to your race report.

Karen said...

Hope you had a great race (I think even with the time difference you should be done by now?!)

Hope you had a great one and now celebrating with something cool, long and refreshing!