Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I'm in jury duty today. And they had Wifi in the jury waiting room.

How cool is that?

You guys all need to update your blogs now because I've already done the work I brought with me and I'm bored. So far I've met some characters here. In the interest of privacy, I won't tell you about them, but very entertaining. Lots of people want to talk politics, but I'm avoiding that stuff. I'll have to break out my newspapers in a minute. My group was required to be here at 7:45am. I was worried about traffic so I was even early. My buddy that works in the record room is in the office now so I have no one to talk to. It's nearly 10 after 10 and we haven't done anything except watch the Brenda Wood orientation video. SIGH!

While I'm sitting, here are some photos that were stored on my computer for your viewing pleasure.

The first is a photo of Annika with her basketball coaches. Bless their hearts. You can't even tell that she was the worst one on the team. They really tried hard to have every player get involved in the games (keeping a chart on who had been in, who got to take the ball down, who got to shoot, etc).

For all of you who've not done a triathlon yet, here is a photo of my bike in the transition area at my first race last year. Notice that I'm the only idiot who put her stuff under the back tire. Duh. You want your stuff to be where the handlebars are (even though there is less space) because you take your bike off of the rack from that direction. Otherwise, you have to run all the way around the rack to get to your stuff or take your bike down to ride. Annika lent me her blue strawberry towel because it matched my outfit.

Annie - what about that triathlon? Have you picked one? Are you registered? Do you want me to run with you? Volunteer and cheer you on?

To update on my sickies, Annika had an ear infection. She is doing much better now. Dagny's fever finally broke on Sunday night but her chest was crackly so we went to the doctor's office yesterday. She seems to be doing better and only woke once last night. Doug isn't even sore after his 17 miler on Saturday and I'm starting to get rid of my soreness today (finally!).

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Dogwood Girl said...

Steph, I love you for your offer of support, but for the love of god, please drop the tri stuff with me for the time being. All it does is make me feel guilty. I have no access to my bike or a pool, and no childcare to go running. There is no Y here at the lake. I don't even have a clothes dryer! Todd spends half the week in Atlanta and i am in the boonies by myself. And even when I get back to atlanta and moved into the new house, I have six rooms of carpet to pull up and a whole house to paint. Three rooms of wallpaper to remove.

Training is not even on my radar right now.

hope this didn't come across as bitchy.