Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stephie Don't Preach

I've been telling everyone - Nat, Wes, and Charlie among others about how they need to be doing more recovery time and tapering.

So, did I listen to my own advice?


Yesterday, I couldn't decide how much to do for my pre-race long run. I consulted my running book and decided that all of the half-marathon training plans were inapplicable to me because of their weekly mileages (40 miles a week!). Regardless, I settled on 6-8 miles for my last long run before the race next week. I ran in the morning and it was not a fast run, but it wasn't overly painful.

Annika was at the GymDogs with Grammie and Grampa, so Dagny and I went shopping and to the park and ate lunch. Then, Doug smiled upon me and kept Dagny while I rode bikes with Natalie. We had two hours so we rode for 30 miles. Oops. I thought my legs felt a little tired, but it was at easy pace and we had an awesome ride. It was probably a bit dumb to do on the weekend before the race. Then again, I'm only doing the half and it's not even an "A" race so who cares if I'm tired. I'm so excited about watching all of the finishers. If I have a decent race, I'll get to watch everyone come across this line while I wait for Doug's finish. FUN!

Annika adored the GymDogs and spending the night in the RV with Grammie and Grampa. We had a great time at Easter church, brunch and the egg hunt. Annika and I did a recovery walk today to keep the streak alive. A lovely weekend overall.


Wes said...

It was a gorgeous weekend! Rest up this week and you'll be ready for ING, A race or not :-)

Nat said...

I had so much fun. Bike was totally worth it. You will be fine. And that was Matt Long btw. He said to tell Doug hi!

Charlie said...

Yes, You will be fine Ms Stephanie. IMO half marathons don't need very much taper time...a week at the most. Just give yourself a couple of easy days or rest before the race.