Thursday, March 09, 2006

Crazy Women

Ok - I'm the only crazy woman.

Was it Virginia Woolf who wrote about women/mothers trapped in their homes who slowly went crazy? I think I know one of the reasons - no adult conversations lasting longer than five minutes.

It's 3:54pm and I've not had a meaningful adult conversation all day. Yes, I did speak with my sister on the phone this morning but we talked while I held one child and brushed the teeth of the other one and helped her dress. Yes, I did speak with my sister-in-law while I held one kid and tried to keep the other one from running screaming down the hall at her dance class. Yes, I did have some perfunctory exchanges with the other moms at dance class and I did speak with the customer service lady at the bank to explain my transaction, but I don't think those count (though they do help and I'd miss them if I hadn't left the house).

Some days, especially when it's not so pretty outside, despite the overwhelming love for both kids (who have been angels all day), it's hard to do this job.


Dorothy Gould said...

I could not agree more! Now I know why my mother would strike up a conversation with strangers in line at the grocery store, and I now do the same thing!

Colin said...

Plus you're underpaid...