Friday, March 31, 2006


All of the doctors and books say that solid food has no effect on your child's sleeping. "Introducing the rice cereal early won't help," they say. Fools! Old wives know better!

Dagny has been eating cereal for about two weeks. The sleeping, it goes from 8-9pm to 4-6am. I'm a new woman and Dagny is just as big a chunk as ever. Can you believe that? Someone called one of my children a chunk yesterday. She is a chunk and I'm basking in the joy of not worrying about whether she is getting enough calories.


Dogwood Girl said...

You are right. Complete and total bullshit, probably spread by the damn breastfeeding nazis.

Dorothy Gould said...

I love dogwood girl's comment, I laughed out loud at that one. I am so glad the cereal worked for you, I will keep at it, and increase the amt little by little.