Friday, March 17, 2006

Surprisingly Relaxing

You would think that the chicken pox quarantine would be horrible, but so far it has been remarkably relaxing. We've done a lot of laundry, coloring and playing outside. It's amazing how much stress I apparently put on us in our daily routines to go to "school", activities, the store, etc. To know that I will make something (anything) out of the freezer for dinner and that we won't be going anywhere is surprisingly liberating.

Not that I wouldn't give my right arm for a run or a frosty beverage or adult conversation, but given the circumstances, we aren't doing too badly (and Doug and I ARE going to spend two nights away very soon). The only tough part is keeping the girls in separate rooms - no one likes to be left alone. Luckily, I am so talented that I can read stories from the doorway of Annika's bedroom so that Dagny can see me from her spot on the bed too.


Nat said...

Letting go of the schedule is the only great part of sick kids. We are the same over here with the colds.

Camille said...

Glad it's going ok. Stories from the bedroom door? Very clever!