Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In Which We Do Not Kick Ass

To celebrate the stroller being fixed and the beautiful day, Dagny and I went to the park today while Annika was at school. I thought that if I fed Dagny before beginning the jog she would be happy or asleep for the 30 minutes. Not so!

I had to stop many times to attempt to distract Dagny or make her happy. Nothing doing. She screamed most of the time and we did the 5K loop in 30 mins, 25 sec. Not a great time but it was still a nice day. Maybe next time she will like the walk better or I will bring her better toys to play with. Wow, it is a test, though, to think pleasant thoughts about folks when they give you dirty looks on the trail as you jog by with the screaming baby. Some moms and grandfolks gave me the "been there" eyes or just smiled, but I got some nasties today! Maybe those folks thought that I couldn't hear Dagny with my i-pod on - HA!


Nat said...

Yeah, been there done that and no, I couldn't hear Beau-- that IS the point of the ipod.

Steph Bachman said...

I can still hear her and I was talking to her most of the time because I thought she was having separation anxiety.