Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Damn, Damn, Damn

Doug was home this morning so he could take Annika to "Donuts with Dad" at school, so I was going to get to run (in the middle of the week!). But, Doug said he was going to work out so I didn't get up early and Dagny didn't wake up at 4am like she usually does so when Doug and I finally rose at 6am, the boobs were NOT having any running. Since I had to feed Dagny and get Annika beautiful for the special day, I settled for Plan B (to run with Dagny in the stroller after Annika was at school). Dagny decided to nap at 9, so Plan B was scrapped. Plan C was to bathe the dog and take Dagny out after the next feed. Unfortunately, diaper rash and a poop woke Dagny early so by the time I fed her, changed her sheets and cleaned up the dog-washing mess, it was 11am. I was faced with a dilemma - move to Plan D and run at 11 and try to eat and shower fast enough to go get Annika on time or just give up on the running for today.

I gave up. Maybe this weekend will be better. It's too bad because today is so beautiful.


Nat said...

:( I well remember my days of juggling my runs between nursing sessions and naps. It is tough.

What about plan E? The kids and I and some friends are going to the trail today around 4. Come meet us if you like.

Steph Bachman said...

Thanks Nat. I actually have tennis practice tonight, so hopefully I can work off some steam there. Hope you guys have a good run. : )