Saturday, April 01, 2006

It Starts Early Over Here

Top 10 good things about running at a ridiculous hour of the morning:

1. You get to run
2. No cars - not even the paper guy
3. It's too dark to see the sky, so you have no idea what the weather might do
4. Further the #3, no excuse not to run because rain is coming.
5. You get to see Dale and his dog.
6. 24 minutes, 29 seconds for the 2.8 mile loop (8.75 minute miles)
7. Plenty of time to eat breakfast and drink coffee without kids because they are still asleep.
8. No modesty problem with removing wet clothing/shoes on porch because it's still dark out.
9. No need to add an additional shower to the day.
10. You get to RUN.

In other news, there is a new running store in our area: Spike. It is on Alpharetta Highway in the shopping center where the El Mexica Gourmet, the Bally's and the Applebees are. They have crocs, lots of track shoes (flats and spikes), a huge selection of trail shoes and (best of all) they stock wides. I will be back there - AND, you get a free shirt just for walking in the door. They plan to have group runs on Tues and Thurs (not that I could ever manage to do such a thing).


Nat said...

I have to be up at least 2 hours before I can even think about running. I can get up at anytime and get by with almost no sleep but I need a few hours before I can run. Basically I need to eat, have coffee, have water, poop and stretch. Good for you for being the roll out of bed and go type. I am jealous, again.

There is also another new running store Big Peach Running Co-- I think it is called-- at Johnson Ferry and Woodlawn.Great clothes--haven't tried the shoes yet. They have tu/th runs too but the routes are too short for me and they run a 9 min mile, so slower than I like, and it looks like you too.:)
Next year we should start our own running group for longer, faster Mommy runners:Many Miles Mondays, 10K Tuesday,Winding sprints around Roswell Wednesdays, 10 mile Thursdays and Beau is not in school so I go to the gym Fridays.

Steph Bachman said...

That sounds AWESOME! I definitely know enough moms to have a group. Once Dagny gets in school . . .

If I want to run on Sat, I can get up and go or I can cross my fingers and hope for time in the afternoon. I'd rather get up and get going. Your two hour requirement is what I would prefer also.