Saturday, April 01, 2006

Camera Rescue

Annika is three - ta daa! This is our birthday morning portrait.

I rescued the camera from Doug's car this morning when I went in there to get the earbuds for my i-pod. Why can't he put the earbuds back in the beautiful blue tins that I put on the kitchen counter to corral cords and earbuds and junk like that? Who knows.

The next photo is Dagny wearing Birthday Barbie's crown. Thanks to Annie, Todd, Rollie and Matilda for the Birthday Barbie. The crown was supposed to fit Annika, but works better on Dagny. She is already quite the princess.

The next photo is one I took when Annika said "Mommy, take my picture, pleeeese!"


Dogwood Girl said...

great pics!

Dorothy Gould said...

Such cute girls, and I can see why that lady referred to Dagny as a "chunk". She is just adorable. I hope Annika had a great birthday, 3 is a fun age, they get so independent, it will amaze you!