Friday, April 21, 2006


Last night we went to see our favorite high school freshman's last home lacrosse match. No one (including the other folks in the stands, who presumably would have been to more games than us) understood the rules of the game, but we cheered for Megan and Roswell won so all was good . . .

until we got home after dinner and realized that Dogarita (shown at left) was missing. Doug jumped back in the car and drove back to the school to see if she was in the bleachers, but was foiled by the locked gates and the security guard shooing everyone away because of the thunder and lightning.

So, this morning, we loaded up the car and went to search. No Dogarita in the bleachers. The ladies in the office didn't laugh at us, but we had to sit and wait for a custodian to show up. This made me nervous because Dagny was asleep in the car (yes, I know, call DFCS - but it was overcast and the windows and roof were cracked and she was fast asleep until we got back in the car) but eventually a nice woman came and trekked back to the field with us to check inside the concession stand. No Dogarita.

Defeated, we thanked her profusely and copied down the website of the lacrosse boosters to see if anyone found her and took her home. Then, as we were nearly back to the car (passing a place we had passed twice on our visits to the field and concession stand), Annika said "there she is!" and there she was, wet and bedraggled but still wearing her pink pajamas. She has had her bath now (in pillowcase with the white clothes) and is asleep with her mommy, safe and sound.


Dorothy Gould said...

Whew! I know it would have been tragic to lose Dogarita. Thank goodness Annika spotted her. We give baths to Sophie's Bunny the same way, love the pillowcase method.

Kat or Mike said...

I have heard you mention dogarita in previous blogs, and I always assumed that was your second dog. Duh-- now it is clear. Hooray for finding her.
Oh, and I have been wanting to give you encouragement about the breastfeeding. James completely lost interest over the last couple of months, first in nursing during the day, and then at night. So we are doing some solids with formula bottles now. I felt bad at first, too-- partly from just missing it, and partly from the cost and effort associated with the formula. You've given your girls a great start, so don't sweat the details.