Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cool Site

So, I was writing a post about the tunes on my i-pod and how those are very personal; I like my tunes and really don't care for anyone else's tunes and correspondingly, other folks think my tunes suck. Anyway, in trying to find a link to a Jay-Z site for the song that Doug has on his list (99 Problems) that I don't like, I found a site that shows the lyrics to songs and translates them from slang. FUN! It appears to be done by someone who has English as their second language because the translation is odd. Plus, even I know that "hollaback girl" means the repeaters of the song in the "call and repeat" genre. Still fun, though.

Above is a gratuitous photo of my cousin Katie and Annika at Grammy's swim meet.

24:27 today. Doug is catching up fast.


Dogwood Girl said...

Good point on the music. You are so nice and diplomatic. Me? I actually enjoy telling people I think their music sucks. It makes me feel superior, no matter how ridiculous that is. :-) p.s. You need to post a link to the lyrics from slang site!

Steph Bachman said...

The link is on the word "site". It should be highlighted green, but maybe it's not showing.

It's funny about the music. My friend Anne (the OTHER one) made the ick face when I mentioned the hip hop and Kid Rock on my list.