Friday, May 05, 2006


This is Dagny, in mid-bounce on her exer-saucer. It isn't the best photo of her, but I posted it because she looks suspiciously similar to photos of me when I was this age. Bald, big forehead, vacant expression . . . just kidding. It's funny how you can see flashes of me or Doug or my sister or Doug's mom in our girls. But only flashes and then they are just themselves again. Dagny is a lover. She likes to give hugs and big open-mouthed "kisses". She is sleeping better now that we've moved to the bottle though some nights she wants to get up at 2 or 3.

Below, Annika is riding the police motorcycle at the City of Alpharetta "Touch a Truck" event. Imagine a zillion kids and every kind of truck all parked together for the kids to look at, touch, pretend to drive, etc. It was very fun, but Aunt Jennie and Aunt Sara and I decided that there should be a "no honking or sirens" rule. Too loud. Annika was scared of the bigger trucks in person and refused to get on them for a photo. I think they were too tall for her. If I'd not had Dagny with us I could have jumped up there with her, but not this year. Please also note that I've learned to part Annika's hair before doing her braids. No small feat, with that many curls, but it looks much cuter than the usual jumbly division between the sides.

Aunt Jennie and cousin Sophie joined us (and Sara and Eve) for touching the trucks. Jennie is not loving her hair right now, but I think it is cute. Soph was a bit overwhelmed by all of the truck mayhem (who wasn't?) and kept her smiles hidden from us. What I didn't manage to get a photo of was Jennie enticing (all it took was "wanna race?") Annika to race her on the football field. The park has a killer synthetic field. It feels like real grass, only cushier. Anyway, Jen and Annika would get on the line in the runners crouch and "on your mark, get set, go!" and Annika would run all the way to the goal line and back. Of course, sometimes Annika left before "go" and frequently she was the only one running, but it was hilarious. She is going to be our runner. I have to brag that she was the only kid in her sports class that managed to run the bases at the tee-ball demonstration (where the parents get to watch) without help from the teacher. Naturally, the teacher told me after class that she was running around like a wild woman and not staying on task during the class. Oops. There are no photos of this event because I've learned that Annika fades under the pressure of a camera or video camera. You will just have to take my word for the fact that she kicks ass.


Dorothy Gould said...

Great photos, the truck event sounds like a winner, we will have to be on the lookout for that one next year. Annika's hair looks so cute, you should be proud of yourself for that part. How do you get her to stay still for it?

Nat said...

I wish I had known about the truck event. Beau would have loved. I'll call you next time I take the kids to walk at the trail and A,B and C can have a race. Chase too. Tara and I take them and they run the whole time (just 2 miles). Totally wears them out. It is great.

Cute pics! Dagny has the prettiest eyes.

Dogwood Girl said...

great post, and r. would save loved the trucks!