Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Slip n' Slide

So, anyone who can tell me how to manipulate where the photos show up in the blog will be treated to free dessert. I picked the photos in order so that you could see the progression of Annika trying out the Slip N' Slide and changing focus to "here are some flowers, Mommy" but alas - you will have to take my word for it because the photos are all out of order. And, the photo of Dagny's first time in the "real" swing which I was saving for last is stuck right there in the middle. Thanks Corinne, for the beautiful purple sweater which was required by the cold snap last week.

The Slip N' Slide was on sale for $7.99 at Target last week, so I thought - AHA! Perfect toy for Annika to play with while Dagny and I watch. Little did I know that instruction in the art of Slip N' Slide was required. I told Annika how to crouch down and spring forward onto her tummy with her arms out like Superman - nothing. She kept putting her knees down. I realized that she doesn't know who Superman is so I demonstrated (fully clothed) but managed to not get soaked. No dice. I finally had her lay on her tummy on the slide and then I pulled her quickly down the slide and let her go. That worked quite well until she got water in her eyes. Then, Doug showed up and told Annika to slide down "like Superman" (we think alike). He finally picked her up and slide her body down the slide (more like a throw), which also worked great except for the water in the eyes - hence the sunglasses in the photos. They work like goggles. Next time, all goggles-all the time. In a fit of desperation, I gave Annika the full-on demonstration - in my clothes (much to the amusement of the golfers going by at the time). It was really fun, but she was not convinced and that is why there is a photo of her bringing me flowers to distract me from the stupid Slip N' Slide.

Oh, and - I think she is allergic to grass because her eczema went crazy that afternoon and even her feet broke out.


Dorothy Gould said...

Steph, Here is how I do my photos. After adding the photo, click on "Edit HTML", you will see the text for the photo in with your regular text. Cut and paste the photo text to wherever you want it to appear. I agree, it is so annoying that it adds them in reverse order!

As for the slip and slide, I can sympathize. Last year when we went to the beach, our neighbors had one for their 4 yr old, Sophie was 3 1/2 at the time. She was afraid to do it like superman, so ended up on her knees the whole time. She liked it, but it made me nervous. I remember looking at the packaging and the age guide said "5 years and up". Usually that is not a problem, but for the slip and slide, I have to agree.

Dogwood Girl said...

As Dorothy G stated above, this is not operator error, but really crappy design. It is not you, but Blogger.

And what? No pics of you on the slip and slide? I am never reading again.

Steph Bachman said...

I did take a photo of me all wet after the demonstration, but since I was holding the camera, it was not very good so I deleted it.