Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lessons from Abroad

OK, not really abroad, or afar - but lessons from my trip with the consultant yesterday:

1. People are easier to misunderstand and misread and misjudge on the phone or email. The consultant was perfectly nice and sucked up to all of my business folks (even the one who doesn't care for me).

2. It was a GREAT idea to have the car cleaned with my Christmas gift certificate. Two different folks came over to inspect it because they were thinking about getting one.

3. I should have removed the car seat. It was pure laziness to leave Dagny's seat in the car, but I should have known that the consultant would be taller than me and therefore unable to fold comfortably into the front seat with it so far forward.

4. My husband rocks. Not only did he take morning and evening duty with the girls and interface with the sitter (I was gone from 6am-7:45pm), he loaded the Wall Street Journal and a book onto my i-pod and charged it up so that I would have something to listen to on the road.

5. Moms and Dads who have to pack up for daycare every day are superparents. It took me all of Sunday evening to get the lunches, breakfasts and bottles made and to pack all of the bags.

6. Packing my own cooler with water, poptart and apple was genius.

7. Never forget your photos of the kids. Two separate folks (not the same as the car folks) asked to see photos and I wasn't able to log onto my computer so I couldn't show them.

8. Phone charger would have been a good addition to my bag. When you are out of range, the phone searches for a signal a lot, which wears the battery down.

9. Maalox. Nerves + stress + road food = bad.

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