Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Fish

No, not the bottle that Doug and Mike used to drink out of - our new pet, Shelley. Our friend Mark is selling Betta Bowls and thus now we have such a bowl and a fish who lives in it. Not that I wanted any other thing in our house whose well-being is my responsibility, but Annika loves him and so he stays. I'll post a photo this afternoon.

Anyone who thinks that fish are somehow less smart or less "animal" than other pets (I'm thinking in terms of eating them, here) is wrong. Shelley comes running to the top of his bowl when he sees me. He knows that I am the keeper of the food.


Dorothy Gould said...

Sophie got a fish for her 3rd birthday, and he lasted all the way till her 4th. Alas, he is no longer with us. I agree with you, once a week I had to clean out the bowl, change water etc. My new rule is no pets until all my children are potty trained, that should buy me a few more years. I can't wait to see pics of Shelly, and what is Betta Bowl?

Dogwood Girl said...

So, Shelley is a boy? As in Percy Bysshe? huh. I like it. And fish are great for that big lesson about death. Fish floats to top of bowl, then we say a few words over it and flush it down the drain. Not that I foresee you having difficulties keeping the little guy alive or anything.

Anonymous said...

My betta passed away this thursday and I cried cause he was the first pet that i bought and was my sole responsibility. Well wednesday my heater broke and my betta named Andrew O'Squishy died T-T I loved that lil guy he was a spoiled fish too and well I just flushed him I was gonna burry him but my mom thought the smell was to much so she told me to flush him. Me and my two lil sisters said a couple words before we all pulled down the lever to bid him a due.