Friday, May 12, 2006

Team Z

This is my Grammy (in the lower lane at left) in her very first swim meet yesterday. She kicks ass. She went out too fast in her first race and got her breathing messed up (it was freestyle, which means the crawl) and then panicked and turned back but she would have finished second if she hadn't turned back. The lady who won was 89 and she was really fast. In Grammy's second race (finish shown below), she did a modified backstroke and came in second. She was quite upset about the disqualification - thinking about what she should have done differently and what she will do differently when she goes to the state meet in Warner Robins in September. She's quite a competitor, that Grammy.
She has hooked up with a great coach (Gil) who races in the 60-69 age group. He and his wife pick Grammy up and take her to the practices twice a week. Mr. and Mrs. Gil are apparently experienced senior competitors because they gave me the skinny on all of the swimmers and the shuffleboarders too. They are also encouraging Grammy to eat better and consume more protein, which is very cool. She likes to joke that she had to cut out the drinking and smoking because she's in training. When she told another swimmer this, the lady (a widow, she told me) quipped, "and sex too!"

Also in today's post are some photos of my girls from the post-dinner, dog-has-to-pee, let's-check-on-the-tomatoes tour of the yard. Doug is expanding the bed I made around the drainage ditch so that is why the grass is dead in one big place.
They were so cute out there - my little family, that I was trying to get a photo of Doug, Annika and Dagny all at once but was not able to capture them without a big blur. Apparently my hands are not so steady anymore.

In other news, I had a MUCH better run yesterday. It was still slow - 26:15 (9.375 minute miles), but I had my tunes. However, since the whole run wasn't painful and I didn't have to listen to my tortured gasping, it was a great improvement.

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Dorothy Gould said...

The pictures of your girls are so sweet. I really enjoyed hearing about your Grammy, good for her! And you are a very supportive grandaughter to go and cheer her on. Happy Mother's Day!