Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Slooooow Feeeeeeeet

Today I had the day off. My sitter is available on Mondays and Wednesdays, which are the days I go to the office. Since I went on the road trip on Monday, I have too many hours for this week so my boss (budget conscious, don't you know) said to take today off. Annika had her Mother's tea at school this morning. We went to that together and then I was free. Free to do what? The eye doctor, haircut and car repair appointments I needed were unavailable today so I dropped some old clothes at Goodwill, filled the car with gas, went to the dry cleaners, recycled the grocery bags and left Cole's bike helmet at his house. That took exactly 1/2 an hour so I was free to run. Unfortunately, it began to rain so I went to the clubhouse to do the treadmill.

As Natalie says, the treadmill is unsatisfying. After plodding for five minutes, I noticed that the sidewalk outside the window was not wet - HOORAY! I busted out of the building and went for a run around the block. It may have been the weather (very humid today), or my allergies, or the forgotten i-pod, or the partial muffin I ate at the tea - excuses, excuses. I'm just plain out of shape. This was the worst run I've had since before I had Dagny. There was no channeling Natalie; no runner's high. I slogged my 2.8 miles in 26:35 (9.59 minute miles).

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Nat said...

It was the no ipod. I am so slow without my tunes.

Everyone has an off day. In fact, I go weeks straight with every run sucking. It is the hope of the next good day when I run like flash Gordon that carries me through the crappy ones.

At least you got to be outside.