Tuesday, May 16, 2006


- Gratuitous photo of Dagny, apropos of nothing. It is proof, however, that she does have a neck under there somewhere.

Today was the last day of Annika's sports class. They played a soccer game, during which Annika had at least three temper tantrums because she didn't score a goal and her attempts at dribbling the ball were thwarted by the faster and more skillful kids in her class. She doesn't understand the concept of making a goal or going to the ball.

So, while Dagny was napping this afternoon, we busted out the ball and goal and practiced our soccer skills. I thought we were doing OK until Annika told me that she would rather play "roll" than soccer. Roll is the game where we both sit on the ground and roll or bounce the ball to each other. It took me a few minutes, but I finally understood that I'm not going to teach her a whole sport in one day and that maybe she isn't ready to learn it. For now, roll is better.

That doesn't mean that we won't practice our soccer skills (or t-ball or basketball or golf or whatever), just not so much at once or with pressure. It's supposed to be fun, after all. I was just so retarded at all sports that I wanted her to learn them early so she won't feel as uncomfortable/awkward/stupid doing them as I always did.

Better news - 24:24 around the loop this morning (good music today), that's 8.71 minute miles. : )

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Michelle said...

As I recall, the main skill they try to teach at her age is to "play your position". Typical view of a soccer match with little ones is a herd of kids from both teams following the ball wherever it moves. I bet she's the cute one with a bow in her curly hair who tries pretty hard, almost never lands a full on kick but all the boys like her. Take it from someone scored fewer than 5 goals in her life. The frustration of poor performance in a game is fleeting. The frustration of having a parent who is generally disappointed in your athleticism lasts a lifetime.