Wednesday, May 17, 2006

News Flash

Many ladies wear clips in their hair (to twist it up) at the office so it's not just me being a slacker because I forgot to brush my hair or find a barrette before I left this morning.

Thank goodness. . . . blow-drying is still beyond my powers. And straightening, forget about it.


Dorothy Gould said...

The thing I hate about blow get so hot if you do it as long as you should, you need another shower when you are finished. My motto: If it can't be blown dry in 4-5 minutes, it is not a style for an active mom!

Nat said...

Many ladies with long hair wash/dry their hair the night before because blow drying takes 30 minutes they don't have in the morning. It might be because they are slackers. Who cares. Extra sleep is extra sleep. So what if it doesn't look as good. Save it for date night when it counts.

You're so funny. I am sure all those women with clips have their hair up for the exact same reason.