Sunday, May 07, 2006


This morning, Annika and Doug were preparing to leave the house to go to Home Depot for some screws. Our back windows keep flexing when it is windy and bursting the locks open so Doug is going to screw them closed so that the rain stays outside. That will be fine until I fill the kitchen with smoke (again) and need to open the windows to let it out - HA!

Anyway, Doug was helping Annika unlock the door and turn the knob to leave and I noticed that Annika's head is just a bit taller than the door knob. Turn now, and look at your door knob and imagine the top of her head being just taller than the top of the knob. She is really tall - it is simply amazing to me to think that the little bundle who moved in here with us is now that big.

Tomorrow I'm going to a rural location for work (all day trip - 6am until about 8pm) with the consultant, who, when I explained that I could not make his preferred time for the Thursday meeting because I am going to see my grandmother swim in the senior olympics, said "at least you have your priorities." Damn straight, asshole.


Dorothy Gould said...

You go Steph! You certainly do have your priorities straight! That is amazing about Annika and the doorknob, they do grow so fast, it is amazing.

Nat said...

I try not to focus on how my kids were but rather what they are becoming becuase it does make me sad they that they aren't so little anymore but I am so proud of the people they are becoming.

And to the consultant, I second the asshole comment and think Wow, I am glad he isn't part of my family.
Go grandma! Kick some swimmer ass!

Dogwood Girl said...

Go steph's grandma! That is awesome!

Kat or Mike said...

You know he's just jealous of your grandma anyway...